Who We Are

Our brilliant team has created inspiring and authentic digital solutions for some of the most beloved brands in the world for over 10 years.


Meet our team

We’re a nimble, industry-leading team with decades of development experience and WordPress community leadership. We hail from NY, Rhode Island, Virginia, NC, SC, Florida, Texas, Missouri, SoCal, & NoCal.

Josh Eaton
Jay HoffmaNN
Lead Developer
Faison Zutavern
Senior Developer
Cory Webb
Engieering Coordinator
Nick Croft
Senior Developer
Mary Cadwell
Senior Developer
Nathan Smith
Lead Front-End Developer
Tina Berens
Project Manager
Adam Mills
Support / QA Specialist
Robby Smith
Full Stack Developer
Lauren Mancke
Senior Web Designer
Caroline Eaton
Office Manager

our values

What sets us apart

People First

People come first at Reaktiv. We’re encouraging and respectful to our teammates and our clients. We’re a positive thinking team, and there’s no room for jerks.

Better Together

The team is greater than the sum of its parts. There are no rock stars here. Instead we’re a team built on collaboration, diversity, and inclusion.


Communication is the lifeblood of a remote company. We document it, or it didn’t happen. We assume good intent when communicating with each other and our clients.

Experts Who Care

We are the best at what we do. We care about what’s good for the web, and getting a positive business result for our clients. We go above and beyond. There’s nothing that we can’t do, but we’ll take the time to explain why you might not want us to.

Always Improving

We strive for continual improvement of ourselves and the company. We’re self directed and trust each other to do the right thing. We’re always asking questions.


Featured Partners

When sharing our ideas or designs, they never said, “That’s not possible.”

Natalie Mendes

Reaktiv is engaged as can be expected (and then some) and act as if they are integrated into our work and team as if they were in-house. We absolutely love working with them and have no reservations about recommending them to others.

Christopher Mascari
The Wirecutter

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Robby Smith
Developer, Reaktiv Studios

Reaktiv is a proud WordPress VIP Partner

Reaktiv has partnered with WordPress VIP since 2014 to help create exceptional digital experiences on the enterprise platform trusted by the world’s top brands. VIP and Reaktiv have worked with clients representing the best of the best in technology, media, and more.